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The most advanced laser treatment clinic

At PureMed Laser Clinic we use one of the most advanced laser treatment platforms available on the market — the new Elite MPX workstation, by USA manufacturer Cynosure.

This is a truly unique aesthetic workstation, utilising patented MultiPlex TM technology, capable of firing two solid-state laser wavelengths sequentially: Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:YAG (1064nm). This technology provides more effective treatments than single wavelength systems, making it applicable for a broader range of skin types and conditions. By blending two interchangeable wavelengths we can effectively treat both darker and lighter skin types, also including fine and fair hair growth. Exclusive to Cynosure, the Elite MPX workstation is alsO equipped with integrated smart air cooling technology, which provides superior comfort first class treatments delivering a pain-free experience.

At Pure Med Laser Clinic all laser and IPL treatments are delivered by highly experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and patient registered nurses, to help you obtain the look and feel you aspire to have, whilst thoroughly enjoying the entire experience and having complete peace of mind.

Laser Therapy - Hair Removal Melbourne

Our Skin Treatments

Our Clinic

hair removal

Permanently remove hair growth from all skin types, including dark and light ones, also capable of treating fine and fair hair.

Our Clinic

skin rejuvenation

Perform deep skin rejuvenation, targeting pervasive dyschromia, rosacea, pigmented lesions, age spots, wrinkles and much more.

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vascular therapy

Treat a wide range of vascular conditions in all body areas especially targeting face and legs.

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