Rosacea and Skin Redness

Restore the beauty of your skin with our advanced rosacea treatments.

“Rosacea” is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition with a variety of clinical findings. The most common manifestation however is through facial redness due to dilation of small blood vessels. Severity of facial redness varies significantly and depends on many different triggers and factors. Symptoms of Rosacea can come and go in the form of blushing and flushing during hot days, after exposure to sun or certain chemicals or for no obvious reason at all. It can be persistent and aggravated by hormonal changes, consumption of certain foods or spices. It can come across as itchy and painful acne like pimples or enlarged spider veins. It can be all of the above. The most important thing is that Rosacea may significantly affect person’s life and interfere with everyday life activities. Here at Pure Med Laser Clinic we combine several laser approaches to address the underlying inflammation of the skin relieving symptoms and diminishing appearance of Rosacea.

Additionally, we offer a range of professional cosmeceutical skin care products especially designed to complement medico-aesthetic light-based treatments to be applied pre and post therapy, which will deliver truly amazing results and make your skin to look it’s best.

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