How does skin age?

The process of skin ageing is inevitable and it happens to all of us. However there are ways to slow it and in some cases even reverse it. In order to understand how this can be possible, we need to become familiar with the principal of skin ageing.

The ageing of epidermis, the top skin layer, brings with it visual symptoms of deterioration. This layer contains skin cells, pigment, and proteins which become gradually damaged following exposure to multiple environmental factors, in particular the UV radiation. This causes the Epidermis to become thin and translucent. The number of pigment containing cells also reduces resulting in appearance of unevenly pigmented areas (age spots) lesions and redness.

The development of wrinkles is caused by reduced elasticity in the dermis, the deeper layer of skin. The elasticity of skin is defined by the amount and quality of elastic fibers located in the dermis. With age the development of collagen, the primary building material of these fibers, gets reduced year on year, affecting the thickness and flexibility of elastic fibers and causing the skin to sag. As we approach our forties, the production of collagen usually comes to a halt. With no collagen to be found in our body, elastic fibers degrade rapidly, intensifying the ageing process and causing deeper wrinkles to appear.

The ageing of epidermis and dermis layers will be further intensified if the loss of moisture in the dermis occurs. Following the drop in concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for skin hydration, the skin loses its elasticity much faster; it feels rough and develops increased visual effects of photo damage.

At PureMed Laser Clinic we can effectively target all three of the above causes of ageing, improving the visual appearance of the skin, its elasticity and hydration. With skin rejuvenation being a gradual process, combining photorejuvenation therapy with application of special dermatological cosmetic products, we will be developing a tailored rejuvenation treatment plan for you, to make sure we deliver the best possible result and your skin looks ages younger and stays healthy for years to come.

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