What happens during the treatment?

Upon your arrival to the clinic our therapist will explain the procedure and give you an opportunity to ask any questions about its nature, the physiology of skin areas intended to be treated and discuss any concerns that you may have. If this is the first visit to our clinic, you will also undergo a general assessment and a specific review of the treated area by our registered nurse, to determine the medical suitability for the procedure. The area that you wish to be treated will be cleaned and dried.

Prior to the actual procedure the therapist will perform a patch-test, which is an application of a couple of laser pulses to confirm suitability of selected treatment parameters and assess your comfort level. The therapist will then proceed with the full treatment, which will be done in short steps or batches to make sure you are completely comfortable with how it is progressing. With the safety of the procedure being our absolute priority, during the entire duration of the procedure you will be asked to wear special protective eye-wear provided by our clinic.

After the completion of the treatment the treated area will be cooled further and soothing gel will be applied. The treated area will usually recover to a normal feel almost immediately after the completion of the treatment. After the treatment you will be explained about the expected recovery process of the treated area and also provided with a copy of post-treatment care recommendations.

It is critical to remember that after any laser treatment exposure to sun of the treated area must be minimised and if unavoidable a SPF 50+ sun protect cream need to be applied.

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