How does Laser Hair Removal feel?

Treatments with our lasers are almost painless. Most our patients describe the procedure as a “pins and needles” sensations on the skin. As the actual sensation depends heavily on the sensitivity of the treated area, we also apply the integrated, individually adjusted ZimmerSmart Cool® system. With this system the cool air is gently applied onto the skin in controlled portions before, during and after the application of the laser beam, thus decreasing unpleasant sensation almost entirely. In case of a higher than average skin sensitivity we also offer an application of a special topical anesthesia numbing cream – LMX4®, to make patients feel even more comfortable with the procedure. However, based on our experience, the vast majority of customers don’t require it, only relying on the application of low to medium level of integrated cooling to feel completely comfortable during the treatment.

Therapist with customer
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